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Vine Border
BJ in her truck


1986 ~ 2000

Mom just woke me up from a wonderful snooze in my truck !
Click on BJ's picture to hear her talk!
I didn't always live here, I was born in a place with lots of other puppies. I was really young then, so I don't remember much about that time. I remember my doggy mom and my doggy brothers and sisters, but not very well.
Then I went on a long plane ride and ended up somewhere.... I think it was Thompson, Manitoba. It was very cold there, but I remember I liked it cause there was lots of snow to play in and with my thick fur coat, I didn't feel cold at all. When I lived with this family, my name was Ralph. Kinda a funny name for a girl dog, huh? I lived there till I was two years old with 1 or 2 pussycats and some human kids. One night I heard the lady and man talking that they were going to have to move somewhere far away in the world cause he had been transferred. I thought this news was kinda exciting until I heard them say "But, Ralph can't come... they eat dogs where we are going" (My mom says to tell you that I am not exaggerating, it really is the reason!)

A few weeks later, we drove and drove and drove and finally came to a house. I thought "Oh, boy we're going visiting, I love visiting! Maybe I'll even get a cookie!" I was wrong.... we went visiting all right, but there's more. Everyone sat around the kitchen table and talked.

I heard the man telling the people all about me. He said one funny thing though, he said I couldn't get pregnant cause they had tried with a few good looking boy sheepdogs. Boy! I fooled them, I was pregnant at the time with eight puppies! (I guess I preferred Huskies, cause that's who the dad was)

The man gave me a big hug when he was leaving and wet stuff was coming from his eyes and he told me to be good and then he was gone. I thought there must have been some kind of mistake.....
heart I loved my new mom, but wasn't too sure about my new dad, so I growled at him for a few days while I waited for the man and lady to come back. These new people called me BJ and I called them Mom and Dad. Well, I called Dad a few things before I started calling him Dad, but they aren't very nice and Mom says I shouldn't say things like that!
So that is how I came to live here.....
surprised face Boy, were Mom and Dad ever surprised when the puppies arrived. They didn't know till 2 days before, did they ever scurry around getting everything ready! I had eight healthy cute puppies but I wasn't too thrilled at being a mom (it was a lot of work) and I didn't like having to share Mom and Dad at all! Don't tell anyone, but after 6 weeks, was I ever ready for them to leave... although it was funny in the morning watching Mom trying to leave for work all dressed up with eight puppies hanging off her legs! I think Mom was a bit pleased when they left as well.
happy face
hearts I have now been here 12 years and love Mom and Dad very much. I get lots of cookies and treats, but no one will let me eat people food, oh well, I guess it's not good for me anyway! dogdish
Sylvester I have 2 pussy cats named Touchdown and Coach. (Dad's a football fan) We cuddle together and sleep, but they don't have much of a sense of humour and they don't like to play with me very much. I keep throwing the squeaky toys at them, but they don't seem impressed. Sometimes Touchdown and Coach fight and then I run over and break it up by holding one of them down and giving them a severe wash. After that, they don't remember what bad thing they were doing, but they sure are soggy!
Wet Sylvester
Raspberry Life was going along just great until about 6 years ago. I went for a ride with Mom and Dad (which is one of the things that I love to do) and we went to a big building where planes were flying in and out. I knew Mom and Dad weren't going anywhere cause they didn't have any lug, lug,... bags. They went into a building and were gone a long time. When they came out, they had something with them. It was alive, oh my god, it was a puppy! I thought my life had come to an end! How could they do this to me? I thought that maybe if I showed them how unhappy I was about this puppy thing that they would get rid of it. For a whole week, I ignored Mom and Dad and wouldn't even look at them. I moped around and felt sorry for myself and when I thought Mom and Dad weren't looking, I would do nasty things to the puppy but I got into trouble so I had to stop that. halo
puppy Come to think of it, Murphy was kinda cute. It took awhile but I began to warm up to her. Mom and Dad still paid lots of attention to me, and now I could blame Murphy when I did bad things! I guess Murphy is ok, but I let her know that I was the boss and she had to ask my permission for most everything. I am first into vehicles, first into the house, first out of the house, I get my pick of where I want to sleep in the dog house and if Mom and Dad pay too much attention to her, everyone hears about it. I figure after 12 years, I've got some seniority around here!
. .
Mr. Orange GuyClick on Mr. Orange Guy and hear the great noise he makes!

This is my absolutely favourite toy. I love this toy to bits. He doesn't even have one little toothmark on him but I squeak him carefully all the time. You can look and you can hear him but only I get to play with him! (Mom says that I should share, but after all this is my page!)

**** Sadly, our BJ Bear, at the age of 14 1/2
passed away on
September 27, 2000 after a short illness.****

BJ was cremated and now resides on our 
fireplace mantle and so she hasn't really left us.
Always in our heart and our memories.
Vine Border
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